Kockney Koi Pond Medi Plus Form-A-LITE is a Formalin and Malachite Pre-Mix which is an effective treatment against White Spot, Skin Flukes, Chilodenella and most protozoan parasites. Directions: Switch off UV Steriliser until course of treatment is complete. Tighten cap and mix well. Measure the correct dose. Using a clean watering can fill with pond water add the Form-A-LITE using the measuring cup to get the correct dose. Slowly apply to the pond over a 1 hour period, this will prevent shocking the pond. Dosage: Use 10ml per 682lt (150 Gallons) of pond water. Repeat dose every 5-7 days, for a maximum of 3 doses. Warning: Do not use with Sturgeon, tench or golden orfe. Do not use below 12.5°C.

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